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Amanda Martin of Cumming, Georgian and therapist at Robin's Nest Counseling


My name is Amanda Mae Martin.

Robin’s Nest was born out of a deep desire to provide mental health services with a high standard for compassion and empathy. 

My approach to therapy is simple- meet you where you are at, discover your goals for a life you will love, and help you overcome any obstacles to achieving your desired mental outlook.

Therapy can be a catalyst to create peace, change, joy, and self awareness. I would love to take this journey with you.


I focus primarily on the creation of a warm atmosphere to dissolve barriers to a joyful authentic life. In order to see results of therapy, I believe there must be a strong therapeutic relationship. I am a non judgmental advocate for my clients. I believe that having an anchor of strength and support is an aspect of therapy that is life changing.


Robins Nest Counseling is named after my late father, Pastor Robin Martin of Gainesville, Georgia. I was fortunate to have two childhood heros in my father and my grandfather. My grandfather was a generous man that taught me how important it is to take care of family. He embodied generosity and taught me how important it is to treat every human with love and respect. My father taught me that sitting and shouldering another’s hurt is one of life’s greatest purposes.  I witnessed my father and grandfather’s generosity of time, resources, and spirit on a daily basis. 

Amanda Martin of Robin's Nest Counseling and her Grandfather from Cumming Georgia. Therapy and offering counseling services for individuals
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